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Дворянское гнездо review º 104 Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev 1818 1883 was a great Russian novelist and playwright His novel Fathers and Sons is regarded as one of major works of 19th century fiction After the standard schooling for a child of a gentleman's family He studied for one year at the University of Moscow and then moved to the University of St Petersburg focusing on the cla. Just another sad love storymaybe But not as written by the Russian master author Ivan Turgenev a glimpse into the human mind a dense jungle with meandering rivers flowing in different directions to who knows where it ends someday The plot a wealthy young very inexperienced man Fyodor Ivanych Lavretsky falls for a beautiful girl Varvara Pavlovna the first woman he feels attractive to marries for love the father a greedy poor retired general with a shady past consents rapidly wonder why she adores money in mid 19th century Saint Petersburg the capital of the Russian Empire An unexpected at an early age landowner inherited estates from cold uncaring miserable relatives that showed no affection especially his disinterested father to busy stealing from people couldn t be bothered the useless brat was unimportant the meek peasant mother had died a few years after his birth the young lonely boy suffered in silence The restless lady soon after the wedding gets Fyodor away from the dull and even duller mate life of country living to the glamorous city of lights Paris the wife wants to have fun Varvara uickly meets men that attract her she spreads her charms around generously the silly husband a real dud in comparison is always reading voraciously no joy there Yet even a trusting blind man will discover the truth it wouldn t set him free nevertheless he departs leaving his little daughter too a reminder of his big mistake back to mother Russia and face the uite embarrassed relatives bravely after eight wasted years abroad gloom and despair are in the air his face shows life has passed him by UNTIL SEEING his second cousin a kind understanding lovely girl of 19 Lisa her mother his cousin does not approve the annoyed Marya Dmitriyevna Kalitin has a better suitable candidate Vladimir Nikolaich Panshin 28 don t you love Russian names A government official in the Interior Department on his way up so he s a dilettante no problem their nasty aunt Marfa Timofeyevna Pestova forecasts complete disaster still the married Feyodor is only 35 visits them everyday in the provincial town of O Oryol rumors give hope rashness has no bounds emotions are all but reality strikes again Can a person have two chances for happiness a rarity on Earth A passionate narrative romantic with adults acting childish yet love has made many in history do the same and undoubtedly will repeat this pattern in the future gripped in the powerful strains of the heart nothing else matters to those involved

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Дворянское гнездо review º 104 Notes of a Hunter He wrote several short novels like The Diary of a Superfluous Man Faust and The Lull In them Turgenev expressed the anxieties and hopes of Russians of his generation Amongst his other works are Liza A Nest of Nobles The Jew and Other Stories On the Eve A Reckless Character and Other Stories The Torrents of Spring and The Rendezvou. Excellent A short novel of finely observed characters who are caught in a time of such great change that the different generations might be measured in a decade rather than the usual uarter century The setting and ways of life are also nicely observed so that the reader gets a real feel for Russian life at the time and how it contrasts with European lifeThe two main characters Liza and Lavretsky are terrific and provide interesting arguments on behalf of Russia even if not everything goes their way The two main antagonists Panshin and Lavretsky s wife are also exuisitely drawn The latter two are Russians who ve been ruined by Europe but the German musician Lemm provides a terrific counterweight to thatTurgenev s underlying worldview seems pessimistic which usually alienates me from the writer and hisher works but in this case there is sadness rather than doom and there is beauty in the sadness as well as ultimately hope I ll certainly be reading

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Дворянское гнездо review º 104 Ssics Russian literature and philology Turgenev was impressed with German Central European society and believed that Russia could best improve itself by imitating the West Like many of his educated contemporaries he was particularly opposed to serfdom He first made his name with A Sportsman's Sketches also known as Sketches From a Hunter's Album; or. Another wonderful book of Ivan Turgenev that combines the reflection on the present and the future of Russia of that time and its relationship with the West with a very beautiful love story The first he manages to do it in a simple way through the main story and the parallel with it without long discourses that extend into many pages So the writer brings us his thoughts in a way that is accessible and comprehensible The second which is the most important he begins to do it by introducing us the adorable Lisa who with her innocent heart who does not have a trace of malice in her wins the hearts of all and above all of the readers Of course the world we live in makes the happiness of such sensitive creatures very difficult and our heroine is not excluded from this something that gives a melancholy tone in our story that may also reflect a pessimistic perception of the author about the course of things although in the end I think there is plenty of room for optimism With all that I describe to you it was impossible for me to resist and not feel deeply touched by a book that will surely accompany me for a long time